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​Five-year development blueprint of EABA

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Table of contents


1 Introduction

2. Development goals

3. Strategy and Action

4. Partners and resources

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

6 Conclusion


1 Introduction


EA BIO HEALTH COMMERCE ASSOCIATION (EABA) is committed to promoting the common development of organic products and health industries in Eurasia. This development blueprint aims to provide guidance for the development of the Federation in the next five years, and focuses on promoting cooperation and exchanges among countries in the Eurasian region, and promoting the sustainable development of the organic industry and health industry.


2. Development goals


1. Improve the market visibility and consumer recognition of EABA;

2. Promote technological innovation and research and development in Hong Kong’s organic and health industries;

3. Research and improve industrial standards and certification mechanisms;

4. Expand Hong Kong’s market share in the organic and health industries in Eurasia;

5. Cultivate and create opportunities for cross-border cooperation and exchanges.


3. Strategy and Action


3.1 Marketing and consumer education


1. Regularly hold/participate in industry exhibitions to increase the exposure of member products;

2. Cooperate with the media to produce and publish special reports, expert interviews, etc. on organic and healthy products;

3. Conduct consumer education campaigns to increase consumer awareness of organic and healthy products.


3.2 Technological innovation and R&D


1. Establish the Eurasian Industrial Research Institute to conduct research and development of cutting-edge industrial technologies;

2. Cooperate with industry, academia and research units to carry out industrial technology innovation and R&D projects;

3. Study the establishment of an industrial innovation fund to fund innovative enterprises and projects with potential;

4. Establish various professional review committee structures to regularly evaluate various types of research results and technological innovations.


3.3 Industrial standards and certification mechanisms


1. Research and improve industry-recognized standards for organic and healthy products;

2. Research and improve the establishment of a fair and transparent certification review mechanism to ensure product quality;

3. Strengthen the promotion and implementation of standards and certification in Eurasia;

4. Obtain recognition from relevant experts in the industry and improve the authority of standards and certifications.


3.4 Market expansion


Establish the Eurasian Business School and regularly conduct industrial entrepreneurship training courses to enhance the ability of start-up enterprises to enter the market and expand;

2. Organize cross-border business opportunity exchange activities to promote cooperation and exchanges between organic and health industry enterprises in Eurasia;

3. Cooperate with governments, chambers of commerce and other organizations to conduct market surveys, understand market demand, and provide market expansion guidance for enterprises;

4. Promote the development of e-commerce for organic and healthy products in Eurasia and expand market coverage.


3.5 Transnational cooperation and exchanges


1. Establish a joint alliance cooperation mechanism with international organic and health industry organizations to jointly promote industry development;

2. Invite experts and scholars from various countries to participate in the Eurasian Business School academician awarding activities to exchange experiences and share resources;

3. Hold international academic seminars and forums to discuss industry development trends and challenges;

4. Regularly organize international academic and business study tours to broaden horizons and promote cooperation.


4. Partners and resources


1. Government departments: strive for policy support, capital investment and market expansion;

2. Industry-university-research institutions: provide technological innovation and market research support;

3. International organizations: promote international cooperation and exchanges, and share resources;

4. Enterprises: Participate in industrial development and jointly promote market expansion and technological innovation.


5. Monitoring and Evaluation


1. Establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to regularly monitor and evaluate the work of the Eurasian Federation;

2. Adjust development strategies and action plans based on monitoring and evaluation results;

3. Publish development reports regularly to disclose progress and results.


6 Conclusion


This development blueprint aims to guide EABA to achieve important development in the next five years. EABA will promote the common development of organic and health industries in Eurasia through market promotion, technological innovation, industrial standard construction, market expansion and transnational cooperation, and contribute to human health and the sustainable development of the earth.

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