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Member industries include :

  1. Beverage and food raw material industry: related industry companies and institutions involved in planting, breeding, harvesting, processing, storage and transportation.

  2. Natural and organic growing and farming: growing and harvesting a variety of plant foods to supply to industries for manufacturing and sale.

  3. Organic aquaculture: An industry that feeds fish in aquaculture systems with good quality organic feed that meets nutritionally balanced aquaculture standards.

  4. Natural and organic food processing and production industry: food raw material selection, processing methods, production equipment and technology, and verification agencies for relevant safety and hygiene standards.

  5. Food processing and production: including the selection of raw materials, processing methods, production equipment and technology in the food production process, as well as the verification agencies of relevant safety and hygiene standards.

  6. Beverage production and processing: involves all types of beverages, such as juice, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and alcohol, as well as their production, processing, and packaging processes.

  7. Herbal health product manufacturing industry: various plant-based herbal health supplements, herbal medicines, herbal teas, herbal essential oils and other production industries

  8. Herbal health product sales industry: including retailers of various herbal health products, such as chain stores, herbal health product stores, health food stores, pharmacies, etc.

  9. Herbal health service industry: This industry includes herbal health Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbal health therapists, nutritionists, masseurs and other professionals or companies that provide various herbal health services.

  10. Herbal raw material industry: involves the planting, harvesting, processing, storage and transportation of herbal plants, as well as companies related to clothing and textile raw materials.

  11. Health product production and processing industry: including health product production, processing, equipment, technology provision, and institutions that formulate relevant safety and health standards.

  12. Herbal and Nutraceutical Packaging Industry: Companies that ensure herbal and nutraceutical products are packaged in safe, hygienic and proper preservation methods.

  13. Marketing and Advertising Industry: This industry is responsible for advertising, promoting, and selling various herbal health products and services for companies, among others.

  14. Health industry: companies such as health management, sports health, health technology, fitness equipment, and bodybuilding and health services.

  15. Wealth industry: Financial services, banking, credit, insurance, securities, investment, financial planning, retirement planning and financial consulting companies, aiming to improve people's financial health and wealth appreciation.

  16. Lifestyle industry: tourism, catering, sports, leisure and entertainment and other fields, aiming to improve people's quality of life and happiness.

  17. Natural and organic skin care products industry: involves the research and development, production, sales, and safety and effectiveness evaluation of skin care products.

  18. Natural and organic cosmetics products industry: including the research and development, production, sales and safety and effectiveness evaluation of cosmetics products.

  19. Personal care products industry: Involves the research and development, production, sales and safety and effectiveness evaluation of personal care products (such as shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, etc.).

  20. Beauty appliances and equipment industry: suppliers of beauty appliances and equipment, instruments and tools.

  21. Beauty service industry: involving beauty salons, beauty clinics and other service providers.

  22. Nursing service industry: includes nursing staff and providers of nursing services.

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