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Innovation, Technology and Industry Committee

Hong Kong’s traditional economic industries are mainly concentrated in four traditional areas, including: financial services, tourism, trade and logistics, professional and industrial and commercial support services, etc. To help promote the long-term and healthy development of Hong Kong's economy and develop new advantageous industries. This committee is committed to promoting the integration or cooperation of innovation and technology with traditional economic industries, which can bring new economic growth engines to Hong Kong and promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, promote economic diversification, create high-quality employment opportunities, and thereby enhance Hong Kong's overall competitiveness. Inject new momentum into Hong Kong's economic development

​Committee functions:

  1. Follow the development direction and strategy of "Smart City" to help promote the implementation of Hong Kong's innovation and technology and traditional industries and industries.

  2. Help promote local R&D and encourage the commercialization of scientific research results of Hong Kong Science Park and Cyberport innovation and technology enterprises; such as nanotechnology and new material applications, AI and cloud technology, etc.

  3. Study strategies on how to help cultivate and attract innovation and technology talents.

  4. Research on improving the atmosphere of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

​Main activities:

"Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint" Online Seminar

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