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​Belt and Road Cultural Economic and Trade Committee

​Committee functions:

  1. Promote mutual understanding and international exchanges among members of the “One Belt, One Road” Eurasian Regional Alliance. Strengthen the potential for cooperation between enterprises and help them develop bilateral markets. Activities promoted by products, projects, technology, culture, and talents build a bridge of direct exchange and communication. Organize enterprise delegations to visit member institutions, arrange receptions, coordinate inspections and negotiations for bilateral enterprises, provide relevant supporting services to overseas enterprises, and promote economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Eurasian and Belt and Road enterprises.

  2. Participate in various economic and trade activities and cultural activities in China, Eurasia and Belt and Road countries. Including exhibitions, trade fairs, forums, seminars, business talks, press conferences, etc., focusing on economy, technology, trade and talents, providing members with "going out and bringing in" related services.

  3. Assist member companies to find partners in the Eurasian region, establish contact channels, set up overseas branches, connect with government commercial and trade departments and bilateral embassies and consulates, and connect with various leading enterprises for business interconnection.

Main activities:

​Belt and Road International Culture, Art and Economic and Trade Summit

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